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Local Book Reviews - A Reliable and an Unreliable History of our area

Water under the Bridge

Two locally produced books coming out for Christmas.

Molly Sunderland's "It's Water under the Bridge"

Molly's book tells the story of the disastrous flood of 1946. Villagers who lived through this devastating flood have related their own personal experiences. There are many photographs illustrating the booklet, some of which have not been published before.

Read about the shops that were washed away in 1946 and of the wagon driver and his mate who had to be rescued when water entered their cab. Also of the rescue in 1954 of the coach load of holidaymakers who were on their way to Blackpool.

The fascinating history of Mytholmroyd Bridge, which many of us use on a daily basis, is also included.

Her book is priced at 4.00 with all proceeds going to The Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Well researched and full of wonderful photos - a must for people interested in the history of Mytholmroyd including interviews with local people who remembered events.

The book will be going into local shops. Telephone 01422 88 4980 or e-mail: to order copies.


John Morrison's "Milltown An Unreliable History"

Described as "Just what the world has been waiting for: an imaginary history of an invented place"

"Some towns cruise serenely through the centuries, with the warm breeze of history barely disturbing their equanimity. Milltown is not among their number; it's been trauma and upheaval all the way.

Milltown in the seventies was like a hippy studfarm. What a great time it was to be young, free and in single-minded pursuit of consequence-free pleasure."

Priced at 5.95 - Several chapters of this book can be viewed prior to purchase on the Hebden Bridge website - here

A funny book written "tongue in cheek" about Milltown life and it's progress from fustianopolis to present day. A good grasp of Milltown history (wherever that might be!!) is evident despite it's title.

One to make you smile or just laugh out loud so don't read on the train unless you want to draw attention to yourself.