Mytholmroyd Net

Calder Valley finally gets broadband

Calder Connect - your community ISP supplying broadband.

BT enabled the Mytholmroyd exchange on the 4th February and the first 3-C connection went live on Wednesday 11th February.

Brian Marsden of Hullett Close and a 3-C board member was the first to be connected but he didn't know his line had been activated until late on Wednesday night. Fortunately as a 3-C volunteer Brian was well able to make his own connection and said late on Wednesday night "I'm on. Don't know what speeds I have because the ADSL Guide speed test isn't working, BUT WHO NEEDS IT, it's like lightening, great!!, broadband at long last. Thanks indeed to all concerned for making it happen."

Brian was one of the people who helped bring broadband to Mytholmroyd working tirelessly to help them reach the trigger level back in October.

3-C your Community ISP will be out and about in force over the weekend making connections, beginning with Raymond Leah who was the first person to sign up for the service.