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IT Support for Rural Business - Yorkshire Forward look to the Upper Calder Valley

Posted 16th June 2004

Press Release

The Regional Development Agency, Yorkshire Forward, is currently investigating the IT support needs of businesses in the Upper Calder Valley. It is expected that this will lead to a pilot project involving 3-C, the community broadband supplier for the area, through it's member IT support group.

The Technical Engine, a new group of IT professionals and volunteers that has grown out of the 3-C co-operative, will be meeting with Yorkshire Forward consultants on Thursday 17 June at The Stubbing Wharf in Hebden Bridge. The meeting, which starts at 7.30 p.m., is open to any IT professionals offering services in the Upper Calder Valley.

Tony Preston, who has recently been awarded a West Yorkshire Social Enterprise bursary to help develop the Technical Engine, is keen for local IT professionals to be involved in the initiative. ''This is a great opportunity to develop a model for rural businesses everywhere'', he said. ''Yorkshire Forward are interested in ways of delivering better quality support to our businesses using local IT professionals. There are benefits all round and we could be the first collective grouping of IT professionals working in this way in the UK.''

Upper Calder Valley IT professionals attending the event can also find out more about the Technical Engine and its combination of voluntary and commercial support for the local community, as well as meeting the Yorkshire Forward consultancy team. Mark Harrison of 3-C, who has also been involved in the Yorkshire Forward consultancy exercise, said, ''local people working in IT are welcome just to turn up on the evening. If they want more information beforehand they can also email ertechnical@3-C.CoOp, visit the 3-C website at www.3-C.CoOp or call our information desk on 0845 456 1793.''