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Official Opening of New Health Centre at Mytholmroyd

Posted 24th September, 2004


The reception area at Mytholmroyd Health Centre was packed today with people attending the official opening.

Sir Bernard Ingham.jpg

Opening the Health Centre on Friday, September 24, Sir Bernard Ingham said:

"Many might have had doubts about the idea that Mytholmroyd might be regenerated. But when they see this magnificent health centre, in a precinct with opthlamic, pharmacy and dental services, looking out on to the war memorial and main street, they know it is happening. "

He said that had he been brought to the opening as a child more than 60 years ago, he would simply not have believed his eyes. Then patients all sat in the doctor's small waiting room, coughing and spluttering all over each other, and hearing every word of the doctor questioning a deaf person through his closed surgery door. The new health centre had 10 consulting rooms, a remarkably spacious reception/waiting area and even a mural.

The Mytholmroyd practice was now dealing with not, as in his day, the consequences of a relative lack of germ killers, nutrition and limited medical knowledge. Now it was dealing predominantly with the consequences of relative affluence and no doubt indiscipline, the potential ability to kill off even the most resistant bugs and almost exponential discoveries of new drugs and means of treating people.

"This explains why we shall never have enough money for the NHS", he said "We're all living longer and consequently all requring more expensive servicing and spare part surgery. The real challenge today is not extending life expectancy; it is finding the money to service an increasingly long-lived people. The fact that we are long lived is because the medical profession, which staffs this centre, has proved to be brilliant at keeping us alive. So astonishingly brilliant has it been that it is now not allowed any mistakes, even though to be human is to err."

Other Guests at the opening

Rev Allison.jpg

Rev James & Mrs Allison

Staff from the Chemist.jpg

Staff from the Chemist in Mytholmroyd now occupying a new shop in the Health Centre Precint


Local GPs and other medical staff.

Chris McCafferty.jpg

Chris McCafferty MP, Christine Bampton Smith and Jane Brown (with Clint Jane's guidedog)


Gladys Walton is pictured here presenting a spirometer to the new Medical Centre on behalf of Hebden Royd Relief in Sickness Charity

Background to the Charity

Before we had a National Health Service Hebden Royd Relief in Sickness Charity was formed by business people locally to pay for a midwife or District Nurse in Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd. The building entitled "Nurses Home" on Cragg Road was bought by the Charity for the Midwives and District Nurses to live in.

Once the National Health Service came along the Trust was no longer needed and the Charities Commission said combine the assets, sell the nurses home and make investments to provide income for worthy causes solely in Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd.

The Trust exists to help in cases where NHS care leaves off. One example is to provide mattresses or special equipment or provide towards some of the cost.

The Trust comprising of volunteers includes Chair Richard Marshall MBE, Secretary Gladys Walton and Treasurer Alan Bottomley. They meet 4 times a year in February, May, August and November. Applications for assistance can be made in between these months.

The Trust have an electric wheelchair, for example, which can be loaned to a family needing one for a holiday to relieve a carer who otherwise only has access to a standard wheelchair that has to be pushed.

It has to be stressed that applications can only be accepted from residents of Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd. Applications from outside of these two areas cannot be accepted because of the rules made at the time as stipulated by the Charity Commission.