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Mini Tornado hits Mytholmroyd

Posted 8th October, 2004

Dusty Miller.jpg

High winds and torrential rain in Mytholmroyd on Monday morning 4th October have now been confirmed to have been a mini tornado.

Above: The Dusty Miller public house car park and what is left of three 100-year-old horse chestnut trees.

Memorial Gardens.jpg

Above: The remains of a tree uprooted in the Memorial Gardens which came to rest on the statue of the "old soldier".

One of two 40ft poplar trees at the bottom of Caldene Avenue came down leaving one intact

Residents reported roof slates being ripped off and smashing car windscreens. Sheds and conservatories were blown down and there was a heavy loss of trees on Midgley Park. The tornado, or funnel, as it has been called, lasted about 10 minutes.

Posted 8th October, 2004