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From a concerned Burnley Road resident

posted 7th July 2003

Caldene Clothing Company Ltd - now Caldene Business Park have been successful in obtaining planning permission to develop another industrial estate on the traditional hay meadow next to their present buildings.

This is almost the last open space on the entry to Mytholmroyd and will for ever, effectively block off the canal and the view at this point.

There is be a new, large entry point to the site, in the middle of present wall, equidistant from the Burnley Road entry and exit points to Calder High school.

There will be parking for over 130 cars on the site and movement of heavy, medium and light goods on to and off this busy trunk road, at this key point !

The nearby residents, many of them elderly objected, siting the previous refusals to grant permission for just 2 houses in the field, on grounds of increased traffic movements onto the main road and also the inevitable future use of Cragg Road as a "Rat run " to Lancashire.

It now appears that the old traffic loading rules have gone and there is no attempt to limit traffic using the road.

The real crime is that the proposed buildings and usage appears to be diametrically opposed to the recommendations of the Upper Valley Renaissance Project, on which so much time, public money and effort has been expended.

All other considerations having been satisfied, a tastefully designed, low level, mixed use Office/ Business Park, generously landscaped and designed to make the most of the canal frontage would have been infinitely preferable.

The Renaissance Project, on which council decision making of the future is intended to be based, is believed to strongly advocate that the "shed" building of 20 years ago, hiding the valleys greatest asset ( the Rochdale Canal ) is simply no longer acceptable.

It is also believed to indicate that blocking off the canal and the dramatic views of the valley, from the road are likely to make the area less desirable for day visitors and residents alike .

Environmentally the present Caldene scheme seems to make no sense but has been approved just 7 days ahead of the unveiling of the completed Renaissance report on 8th July.

Is it too late, for our councillors and environmentalists to re think this one ? - once it's gone it's gone and surely the residents of Mytholmroyd will be the poorer for it.

Is there an overwhelming need for storage, distribution and industrial units, whilst others in the area stand empty ?


Eleven local and Parish councillors, many of whom have participated in the lengthily Renaissance Project were circulated with full details of planning proposals, prior July 1st , but appear not to have commented on this aspect of the plan.

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