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Claas Kazzer was interviewed by the The interview is in Ted Hughes Corner - Saturday, August 24, 2002

If anyone can let him have any further detail about life as it was in Mytholmroyd in the 1930's either written or photographs he would be most grateful. Frances Robinson of the Mytholmroyd website has offered to scan objects and e-mail to him for those people without this facility.

E-mail: Claas Kazzer

Acre Mill - information sought
Saturday, August 17, 2002 If anyone can remember a laundry service which collected from Acre Mill Hebden Bridge in the 1950's, believed to be called Snow White Laundry (based in Todmorden on Rochdale Road) we would be very grateful to hear from you. Telephone: 0161 633 6667 and ask for Helen Booth (reversing the charges) or e-mail Helen Booth at :
Our Reference Sunderland V101092 Oldham

East European Floods

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Claas Kazzer was in Mytholmroyd two weeks ago researching Ted Hughes' childhood and now tells us about the floods in Dresden near to where he lives in Leipzig

From: Claas Kazzer

We're drowning over here and I might just need to rush out to drag my brother in law to soemwhere high-up any minute (remember how I marvelled at flood levels ... now it hits mightily). It is pretty dramatic. Not in Leipzig itself, but in and around Dresden, where my parents and sisters family live. My sister's house is on the verge of being flooded while the other side of the village (across road and brook) is sunk completely, several bridges gone, etc. The whole village evacuated and no end of the flooding in sight. One can't even reach the area any more. Might need to go and help them clean out when it's done, hoping it doesn't get worse. More soon. Claas

Strakonice Town Twinning Association

Six members of the Strakonice Town Twinning Association are already in the Czech Republic and more are due to go in the next few days.

Prague is suffering the worst floods for a century in the Czech capital as rivers burst their banks. The former mayor of Calderdale Councillor Chris O'Connor is due to visit Strakonice some 60 kilometres from Prague tomorrow. During the Calderdale floods in June 2000 residents of Strakonice donated six thousand pounds towards a local disaster fund. A plaque on the Marina in Hebden Bridge commemorates their kindness.

Roof over Youth

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Roof over Youth

The building at the bottom of Caldene Avenue formerly a travel business was demolished on Saturday. The land has been acquired by Royd Regeneration with a view to developing a Youth Club on the site.

Grants have been applied for and the next stage is for soil samples to be taken to make sure the land is suitable for the proposed use.

Broadbents Demolition
Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Demolition began on the office block of former Broadbents Factory today. The "P" set in stone at the top of the building was removed carefully by one man manually - presumably to be preserved. Demolition of the factory itself has been ongoing for 2 weeks.

T.H. Pickles & Sons Ironfounders Radiator and Boiler Makers once occupied the site. The foundry itself ran from behind the Dusty Miller and stretched as far as Grange Yard or further, where the Chinese Take-away shop now is.

See older pictures of Mytholmroyd

The site is being cleared ready for the new Health Centre for Mytholmroyd.

Gorillas in Mytholmroyd

A gorilla family have arrived on the land at Hawksclough in Mytholmroyd. Escaped from the Sculpture Trail in Hardcastle Craggs perhaps - see Hebden Bridge Arts Festival - events.
Sunday, June 23, 2002

Kerbside recycling comes to Mytholmroyd

Thursday, June 20, 2002


Kerbside Re-cycling made it's first collection from Mytholmroyd today, with paper, tins, bottles, clothes and shoes amongst the items invited for collection in the special "Kerbside" bins.

A request was made to put the bins out by 8.30am on Thursday morning for collection same day which was indeed the case. And smiling as they did it.

News in brief
  • Work commenced on Monday 10th June 2002 demolishing the old Broadbents factory to make way for the new Health Centre for Mytholmroyd.
  • Calder High School intends to try and negotiate an agreement with its neighbours so they can develop sports facilities at the school, facilities which would be available to the local community. Plans had been turned down 2 days before this year's election because of concerns voiced by local residents.
  • Calder High has also secured 1.14 million for the first phase of a new 6th form block to be built where the annexes now stand. This is planned to be ready for September 2003.

HB Arts Festival: 21st June-7th July

The HB Arts Festival programme is now online. This year's excellent programme includes participants from Mytholmroyd including poets Tony Langham and Sally Baker, and storyteller Pete Keal. The Festival website has a search facility to help you find the event you want.

  • Other highlights include:

    • Brian Patten
    • Pete McCarthy
    • Doris and the Dinner Ladies
    • Nick Hornby film
    • John Lyons
    • Peace Artistes
    • Jill Robinson
    • Michael Gray talk: Bob Dylan
    • John Morrison
    • Glyn Hughes
    • Hepton Singers
    • Simon Fletcher
    • Workshop: learn the didgeridoo
    • Storytelling: The Iliad
    • Tony Langham
    • Choirs: Street Music Festival
    • Cragg Vale Gamelan
    • Gay Abandon
    • Rhona Cameron
    • Photographs: Mike Barrett
    • Exhibitions
    • Open gardens
    • Open Studios

    Hebden Royd Town Council Mayor-making

    Christine Bampton Smith and Consort Elect Dr Michael Smith with their children Adam and Rachel
    Christine Bampton Smith and Consort Elect Dr Michael Smith
    with their children Adam and Rachel

    Presenting the chainRetiring Mayor of Hebden Royd Michelle Hanley Foster presented the Chain of Office to the new Mayor Christine Bamptom Smith at a ceremony at the Jubilee Room, Mytholmroyd Community Centre last night.
    Presenting the chain Music was provided by Calder High School Band and Mrs Linda Thwaites was presented with a "Service to the Community Award" in recognition of her many years running the Mytholmroyd Playgroup. (pictured here with Michelle Hanley Foster)

    Calder High School Band
    Calder High School Band

    Mytholmroyd Regeneration - latest
    Wednesday, May 8, 2002

    Health Centre
    Demolition work has been delayed pending the disconnecting of the main gas main. Completion of the New Health Centre for Mytholmroyd is still on-track for Christmas 2002.

    Royal Oak
    Royd Regeneration now have the funds to compulsory purchase the Royal Oak but the river wall behind is unsafe and they are trying to trace who is responsible for this before proceeding further.

    Ted Hughes Centre
    All negotiations with Railtrack are completed and leases are awaited for signing. The next step is a full feasability study to see if the building is suitable for the venture.

    Roof over Youth - Youth Club
    A Lottery application has been applied for in the sum of 160,000.00 the results of which should be in at any time. Pupils from Calder High School did a sponsored walk of the 20 peaks with anticipated sponsorship money of 10,000.00 towards Roof over Youth. A photo and more details of this event are awaited from the organisers.

    Barclays Bank Building
    Royd Regeneration have now vacated the building which was the former Barclays Bank use of which has been free for the last 2 years courtesy of Dennis Deakin and Setbray Properties. A new business is to take over the building this week - details of which are secret save to say that it will compliment the new Health Centre.

    Local Elections:
    Tories lose control of Calderdale
    Luddenden Foot ward result

    Jane Brown (Lib(Dem) 1,529
    Stewart Brown (Lab) 674
    Robert Thornber (Con) 551
    Steven Hutton (Green) 243
    Majority 855.

    Jane Brown polled more than all the other candidates together - and received the largest ever majority for the ward. Turnout was approx 34%
    Jane Brown

    Jane Brown at Todmorden
    Town Hall yesterday evening

    Worldwide Dock Pudding Contest.
    Sunday, April 28, 2002

    Dock Pudding contest

    Mytholmroyd Community Centre was packed today for the Worldwide Dock Pudding Contest.

    Sponsored by Bombardier Beer who pride themselves on their association with eccentric ideas the event was a great success.

    Dock Pudding contestTasters of dock pudding were sold, Hebden Bridge Band were in excellent form, as ever and the press were in attendance as never before.

    Apart from a frying pan catching fire - quickly extinguished with a cloth - (well a tea shirt bearing the Bombardier logo) everything went to plan.

    Jane Cox of Hebden Bridge (alias Lisa Dingle from Emmerdale) awarded 1st prize to Trevor Whitworth - third year on the run

    Two young ladies called Hannah and Stephanie won the junior section."

    Dock Pudding contest

    Scout Road landfill
    Wednesday, April 17, 2002

    Pete Keal has forwarded to the Mytholmroyd Net a letter he has received from Calderdale Environmental Health Department

    "Since taking over this closed landfill site in 1998, the Council has made significant improvements and has undertaken detailed investigations into the site.

    I am writing to advise you that the investigations are nearing completion and indicate that it will be necessary to undertake further engineering works on the site. The Council has successfully bid for spending approval to carry out a programme of engineering works at the site over the next four or five years.

    Copies of this letter have been sent to members of the local community who live in the vicinity of the site, and will be followed by further information as the programme of works is developed and implemented. I hope to maintain a good standard of communication and would be pleased to learn of any views you may hold on how you want to be kept informed.

    Please contact Robert Turner on Halifax 392357 if you wish to discuss any aspect of this letter directly. I look forward to hearing from you."

    Mytholmroyd storyteller to undertake Residency at Eureka!
    Tuesday, April 16, 2002

    Mytholmroyd based Pete Keal will be the resident storyteller at Eureka - The Museum for Children in Halifax this Spring and Summer. Between April and June, Pete will be offering Tales from Around the World, while from July to September, he will be sharing Stories to Celebrate Our Natural World. This coincides with the opening of 'Our Global Garden', Eureka's new environment gallery.

    Pete's storytelling sessions will take place on Sundays 21 April, 26 May, 23 June, 21 July, 11 August and 15 September. The sessions will start at 11.30am, 12.45pm and 2.30pm. Pete Keal has been working as a storyteller in schools, libraries, museums, hospitals, theatres, and countryside events for over ten years. He is well known for his lively, dynamic retellings of traditional stories.

    Pete Keal said:

    "In June last year I spent three days at Eureka telling Animal Stories. Its great to be asked back again this year and I am looking forward to entertaining both children and their adults over the months ahead."

    In addition to his work at Eureka!, Pete will be telling stories during Adult Learners' Week in May in Leicester, Stories in the Park in Kettering in June as well as making an appearance during Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

    Mary Calvert Keep Fit Classes 1977 to 2002

    Mary Calvert Keep Fit Classes 1977 to 2002

    25 years ago Mary Calvert started keep fit classes at the Community Centre (then it cost 10p per lady) and has continued to run classes ever since. She has never taken any money herself and all proceeds have gone to the Community Centre. The total raised has just topped 19,000.00.

    The keep fit ladies past and present arranged a surprise party for Mary on the evening of 11th April 2002.

    Following the presentation by Richard Marshall of a commemorative plate, flowers and a cake everyone tucked into a buffet supper.

    Mary Calvert Keep Fit Classes 1977 to 2002 Mary Calvert Keep Fit Classes 1977 to 2002

    £280,000 grant for Mytholmroyd
    Wednesday, April 3, 2002

    Alan Brooks told the Mytholmroyd net this afternoon that Mytholmroyd has secured a £280,000 regeneration grant from English Heritage.

    The money is anticipated to attract an estimated four times as much from other public and private sector sources bringing the total investment to more than £1.4 million.

    It will be spent predominently on removing eyesores, finding new uses for empty business property and making the village more attractive.

    Some will go towards creating the proposed visitor centre dedicated to the late Poet Laureate Ted Hughes from Mytholmroyd.

    Alan, the chairman of the Royd Regeneration Partnership, said the award was excellent news for the village.

    "A lot of people have put in a lot of work over the years and this is just the beginning," he said.

    Last summer, Mytholmroyd was made a conservation area because of the large number of 16th, 17th and 18th century farms and older yeoman houses, mills and terraces. It followed a public meeting at which people made it clear that this was what they wanted for Mytholmroyd.

    Owners of such properties are now likely to be able to qualify for improvement grants.

    Priority is to be given to restoring the many empty and boarded up shops, commercial and other property according to English Heritage.

    Nearly a quarter of the shops are empty and Mytholmroyd has lost all it's banks.

    Properties by the side of the River Calder, including the former Royal Oak pub, have been cause for concern for a long time. Glaringly visible to people driving through they give the village a poor image. Distinctive buildings in the Mytholmroyd conservation area include the Dusty Miller Inn, the town's old fire station and nurses home in Cragg Road, St Michael's Church, the Methodist Church, Elphaborough Hall, Redacre, Mount Pleasant Mills and terraced cottages in Scout Road.

    Alan added that the people of Mytholmroyd had been interviewed for their reaction by Radio Leeds and the results will be broadcast tomorrow (4th March) on Radio Leeds.

    Pace Egg 2002Pace Egg 2002

    Pace Egg 2002Pace Egg 2002

    Pupils from Calder High School performed the traditional Pace Egg Play to a waiting audience at St Michaels' Church, Mytholmroyd this morning. No-one was disappointed as the lads gave their all to this lively production.

    (Friday, March 29, 2002)

    Objections to unisex loos

    Unisex loos in Mytholmroyd

    The new Public Toilets in the centre of Mytholmroyd are sporting signs on the doors for 4 Unisex toilets and a baby changing room. Objections have been raised and the signs are to be changed to "Ladies" and "Gents" by popular demand.

    (Friday, March 29, 2002)

    Saturday, January 5, 2002: It was with very great sadness we learned that the police have today recovered a body from the River Calder, and have confirmed that it is Christopher Webster.

    Christopher Webster: still missing
    Friday, January 4, 2002: From the Courier

    POLICE have called on villagers to play their part in the hunt for missing teenager Christopher Webster. The 18-year-old has not been seen since he left Mytholmroyd Working Men's Club at 10.45 pm on Saturday in a "confused" state.

    Extensive searches of land next to the River Calder, the Rochdale Canal and other possible hideouts have so far proved fruitless. But Insp Chris Long, of Calderdale Police, said there had been a possible sighting of the former Calder High School pupil on New Year s Day.

    "Someone in a blue fleece jacket was seen on a bench in the memorial garden in Mytholmroyd but that person had left when officers arrived," he said. "Obviously we hope that this could have been Christopher. But I would urge everyone in the village to check their garden sheds or out-buildings and see whether Christopher has taken refuge in there."

    Officers yesterday checked an old air raid shelter at Scout Road - but this was filled with water and had been for some time. And checks with a friend of Christopher s in Plymouth have also drawn a blank.

    It also emerged that Christopher, of Caldene Avenue, Mytholmroyd, has not used his mobile phone since his disappearance and the phone s battery is now dead.

    Police were today meeting members of the Calder Valley Search and Rescue team with a view to widening the search. And police divers were also hoping to start their search of the River Calder today, said Inspector Long. He also called on any of Christopher s friends - who might be protecting him - to put their misplaced loyalties to one side. "Christopher s family are now very anxious to hear from him, as are we," said Insp Long.

    Thursday, January 3, 2002

    From Yorkshire Post: Missing man, 18, 'may be in river'

    AN underwater search is expected to begin today as police continue their search for an 18-year-old man. Christopher Webster has not been seen since he left Mytholmroyd Working Men's Club at about 10.45pm last Saturday.

    Calder Valley moorland rescue teams have been searching nearby countryside, but police think Mr Webster, of Caldene Avenue, Mytholmroyd, may have slipped into the River Calder.

    Insp Graham Helliwell, of the Halifax division of West Yorkshire Police, said: "We feel if he'd been out on the moorland, because the weather has been so nice and sunny in the last few days, there have been a lot of walkers out who would have come across him.

    "Either he's crashed out in someone's lounge and is drinking tea and playing computer games, as we hope is the case, or he's slipped into the river or he's got very cold and has curled up somewhere and could be in someone's garden or caravan."

    Insp Helliwell said search and rescue teams were carrying out co-ordinated searches in gardens and outbuildings.

    Mr Webster lives with his mother, Carol Mayes, and stepfather David. Mrs Mayes said: "We're at a loss as to why he'd go anywhere when he was so near home. The club's only 200 yards from our house. If anyone knows where he is, please call us or the police." Mr Webster is white, 6ft tall, with short, straight dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a blue fleece jacket, blue shirt, black jeans and white trainers.

    Anyone who has information about where Christopher is should call the Calderdale Police helpdesk on 01422 337077.

    From Thursday's Courier: Fears over Christopher's spiked drinks

    A MISSING Mytholmroyd teenager could have had his drink spiked on the night he disappeared. Police said Christopher Webster was behaving "extremely out of character" at Mytholmroyd Working Men s Club on Saturday evening, before he was asked to leave by staff because of his "erratic behaviour".

    The 18 year old has not been seen since leaving the club alone at 10.45 pm - although his home, at Caldene Avenue, was only 200 yards away. Insp Graham Helli-well, of Calderdale Police, said the possibility Christopher' s drink had been spiked was being investigated.

    On the evening of his disappearance, the former pupil of Calder High School, Mytholmroyd, had been in a "confused" state of mind, he said.

    "This was completely out of character. He did not usually get too carried away," said Insp Helliwell. "There is a line of inquiry that his drink may have been spiked but nothing definite."

    Police divers were today hoping to start their search of the River Calder after footprints - very similar to those made by Christopher' s Fila trainers - were spotted nearby. Inspector Helliwell said the initial search would be concentrating on the section of river near the back of St Michael' s Parish Church in Mytholmroyd, and the West Yorkshire Police helicopter could also be used. Christopher s mother, Mrs Carol Mayes, agreed her son was not usually boisterous when he had been drinking alcohol. She said he had been with a couple of friends on the night although she was still unaware of exactly what had happened at the club.

    Police were also hoping to visit Mytholmroyd today to check an old air raid shelter at Scout Road for possible clues. And they were wanting to speak to one of Christopher 's friends who went to work in Plymouth over the New Year.

    Anyone who has information about Christopher's whereabouts should call the Calderdale Police helpdesk on 01422 337077.

    He is 6ft 3ins tall, with short, straight, dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a mid-blue fleece jacket, blue shirt, black jeans and white trainers.

    Snow in Mytholmroyd
    Snow which fell last night has frozen solid making conditions underfoot and on the roads treacherous in Mytholmroyd this morning, Saturday, December 29.
    Snow in Mytholmroyd
    Mrs Bampton Smith shown on the Community Centre car park said she had been inundated with calls requesting gritters. Saturday, December 29.

    Mytholmroyd Regeneration Starts in January

    Work is starting next month on exciting Regeneration Projects for Mytholmroyd, including a new health centre. For more details, and details of other projects in the pipeline, click here