Calder High Play 1953

This photo was sent to us by Carol Royce who now lives between Los Angeles and Palm Springs and would be very happy to receive an email from anyone who remembers her.

It was taken at a pantomine at St. Michaels Church in 1952-1953. Barbara Mitchell and Brenda Dugdale played the lead characters. Carol is in the front row far right and was then "Carole Lewis". Her father was the local Police Sergeant and lived at 8 Oakleigh Gardens, Scout Road, going to to Scout Road School.

Left to right front row kids: Jenny Achroyd, Sandra Langford, Shirley Leak, Patricia?, Anne Greenwood, Rita Nash, Susan Rushworth, Carole Crabtree, Carole Longsdale, Valerie Barker, Joyce Gibson, Catheline Standeaven, Christine Knowles, Carole Lewis.

Center 3 kids 2nd row: Helen Omerod, Madeline Earnshaw, Margaret Shinglar.

This is not from memory, Carol tells the Mytholmroyd Net that she wrote the names on the back of the picture (at that age!)

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