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From : Tony Wright
Town: Hebden Bridge

Wild Rose Heritage and Arts is a charity which records oral histories of people living locally or who once did. Check out our website and see our ongoing 'Changing Places' project. Our next project will be talking to older people. Would you like to tell us your story or do you know someone with a tale to tell. If you do, contact us. New guestbook messages are below this entry

From : M. Smith
Town: Driffield
Country: East Yorkshire
16th January, 2006

I am researching my family Crossland ancestors from Birkenshaw, Birstall. They were mostly involved in the weaving industry. I should love to recieve any information. Thank you.

From : John Spruce
Town: Halifax
Country: England
15th January, 2006

Hello Mytholmroyd, I've just found the site and think its marvellous.

Was born in 1949 and lived on Banksfield Crescent until 1975. I got married then and was dragged off to sunny Halifax. My dad is Irvine Spruce and was at one time the village bobby. Its thirty years since I left but not so long ago was in the White House at Blackstone Edge when I bumped into a old Royder at the bar so we had a chat. He went back to his wife and a few moments later I heard her remark "EE is that Bobby Spruce's lad. Some people don't change, Kick one and we all limp. Happy new year to all that remember me.

From : Barrie Lord
Town: Sydney
Country: Australia
18th December, 2005

A very "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to all the 'oldies' who remember me and my lovely wife Sybil. We often think of the Valley with fond memories. Christmas lights, sometimes snow and dances at the Co-op Hall Hebden Bridge. We shall be cruising on the the P&O Pacific Princess through the South Pacific where I shall be entertaining the passengers with humour and music.

Long live the Valley!!! Barrie and Sybil Lord.

From : Philip Martin
Town: St James
Country: Barbados
12th December, 2005

I am researching the family background of my mother, Olga Brett Dolphin born in Harrogate in 1923. Her parents were Marmaduke and Margarete Dolphin and they lived in Mytholmroyd in Yorkshire. Marmaduke had a fish and chips business, They were connected to the Dysons of Huddersfield and the Wainwrights possibly from Halifax.

Will appreciate hearing from anyone who can assist. Lovely and informative website

Philip Martin

From : Philip Martin
Town: St James
Country: Barbados
11th December, 2005

Hello from Barbados

I am trying to trace my mother's family who resided in Mytholmyrod in the 1900's and through the last war.

My mother was born in 1923 and her maiden name was Olga Brett DOLPHIN. Her father was a Marmaduke Dolphin and her mother was Margaret. Marmaduke had some fish and chip shops and may have died prior to the last war.

My mother married Sydney Lancleot Martin and moved to Jamaica and currently has resided in Barbados since 1964. She has three children, Roger, Richard and Philip. Roger and Richard were born in England and last visited Mytholmroyd in 1953 when they were small boys of 7 and 8.

I would appreciate any information that I can get and kindly reply to my E Mail in Barbados:

I will be in Somerset until 18 December and can be contacted at E Mail:

Thank you Philip Martin Barbados Tel: 246 432 6576

From : Cathy Smith (nee Clark)
Town: Victoria Point
Country: Australia
9th December, 2005

My husband found this site the other night and I have spent many hours browsing.

I was born in Halifax but I lived in Mytholmroyd from 1970 to November 1973 when I returned to Australia with my parents.

We lived in Hullett Drive all of that time and my sisters and I were pupils of...yes... you've guessed it...Calder High School. I'm sure that I can see my old house in one of the photos!

My Auntie still lives in Elphaborough Close and when my sister Jackie and I re- visited Mytholmroyd in 2000 we were treated to a lovely roast dinner at the Shoulder of Mutton pub.

Would love to talk to anyone who went to Calder High during the early seventies.

From : Karen Disbury
Town: Thurso
Country: Scotland
26th November, 2005

Can anyone help?

I am trying to trace Valerie Bailey originally from Mytholmroyd. She went to work in Skipton at Whitakers in the mid-late 1960's, and lodged at Bradley with people who ran a minx farm. Valerie was friends with Joannie Warhurst and Jean Nuttal who also worked with her.

Anyone with any info on how I could contact Valerie or members of her family, please email me. It's very important I contact this lady.

Many thanks

Town: Horncastle
Country: UK
15th November, 2005

Hello, I am looking for any one who may remember me. My Nick name at school (Calder High School) was Nightshirt. I lived on Nest Estate and Erringden Road.

I am 60 now and have not lived in Calderdale for 40 years.

I spent time in the merchant navy and one time when on leave I met a girl from Todmorden.(Susan Whitlock)

I had to find a job ashore so went into training and became a youth officer that lasted for Thirty four years and I am now a broadcaster.

I have a brother Colin who now lives in Brisbane. I would like to make contact with any one who might know me.

Tony Nightingale

My home phone number is 01507 527835

From : Mike Johnson
Town: Northallerton
Country: Nth Yorkshire
29th October, 2005

I wonder if there is anyone has any information on the "Cockroft" family? Dora (and I think another sister) had a shop in Hebden Bridge.I remember visiting them about 30 years ago, going across the bridge (in Mytholmroyd)and up a very steep hill to a couple of cottages on the left. There was a pidgeon loft at the top of the garden.



From : Alan Taylor"The Casuals"
Town: Warrington
Country: UK
1st October, 2005

Great to visit places that I used to haunt during the early days of my career. Does anyone remember the ballroom in the 60's in your village? I also remember Hymans cafe, Sgt Fred Greenwood of the local constabulary, Eastwoods paper shop, Douggie Dugdales. Ah happy days. I do visit incognito from time to time & next time I do will pop into the local radio station. Take care. Love you all ALAN.

From : Frances Robinson
Town: Hebden Bridge
Country: UK
4th August, 2005

I'm trying to find people who worked at F & H Sutcliffe at Woodtop in Hebden Bridge between 1953 and 1962. They were also based at Victoria Mill. Please contact if you think you can help.

From : Brenda Marsden
Town: Gananoque
Country: Canada
3rd August, 2005

Hello from Gananoque in the beautiful Thousand Islands of Ontario.

It's good to read all the messages in the Guest Book. Now a question.

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Joan Boothman, her maiden name was Greenwood. She lived in Mytholmroyd until she married John Boothman from Cornholme and they emigrated to Canada. I last heard that she was in Thunder Bay, but nothing since. She had three sisters, Peggy, Betty and Edna.

If anyone knows anything of her, please let me know. We were good friends as children and it is sad to lose touch.

Best of luck and good health to everyone.

From : Margaret Stansfield(nee Dawson)
Town: Cheltenham, Victoria
Country: Australia
12th July, 2005

What a good day I have had today - thanks to Had an email from Norman Nicholl reminding me of our days in Miss Livermore's class, then saw the message from Brenda Hartley. Brenda if you read this please get in touch. My email is I often think about our trip to Wilderswil when we were such close friends. I remember your Dad at the cobblers (are we allowed to use that word these days?) Remember putting up my hair in rags after we were supposed to be in bed?

Love Margaret.

From : Daniel Bridge
Town: Mytholmroyd
Country: England
10th June, 2005

Hi I'm from Parkour West Yorkshire (, we do Parkour around Mythomlroyd and some of our videos are filmed there.

From : Paul Murphy
Town: Mississauga, Ontario
Country: Canada
1st June, 2005

Great Site .. My mother started and finished her days in Calder Valley. I still have ties to the area .. family in Hebden Bridge, Midgley & Booth.. spent summer holidays at Booth Farm / Long Rigging during the 1960's .. many changes since then .. but great memories. I have travelled the world and seen much but Calder Valley is still tops in my book.. I am a fortunate lad !!!

From : Eric Royds
Town: Halifax
Country: England
12th May, 2005

I have just found this web site and thought I would congratulate you for a great job.

I was born in t royd and went to Burnley Road School then Calder High. My Father Bill and his Father Frank were plumbers in Mytholmroyd, the business was called Collins & Royds. The plumbers shop was at the top of the hill at White Lee just above the Royal Oak Pub.

I have read some of the messages and know some of the people who are mentioned in them. I trained as a plumber also at the family business in the Royd and worked probably at 50% of the homes of people in the village between 1964 and 1972, then I moved to London, Newcastle, then back to Halifax in 1978.

If anyone out there remembers me or thinks I may be able to help them with information please get in touch. My mum is still alive and has lived in the village for over 60 years so knows most of the older end that are alive and knew lots of those who have passed on.

Thanks again for a great web site.

Regards Eric Royds.

From : Enid Allman nee Dolphin
Country: England
08th May, 2005

Are there any ancestors of mine by the surname of Dolphin?

Marmaduke Dolphin and his mother Nancy Dolphin moved to the village in the 1900s. Said to have bought a chip shop at that time.

Thank you. Lovely website.

From : Peter Crossland
Town: Cambridge
Country: UK
30th April, 2005

Good to see dock pudding still going strong. My aunt Doris Sutcliffe (nee Crossland) sent me one every year,in the uk or abroad when I was in the army 1942-61. My wife hated it I love it. Regards to any one who remembers the Crossland family. They will be older and that's getting on. Peter

From : Brenda Marsden (nee Hartley)
Town: Gananoque, Ontario
Country: Canada
28th April, 2005

Just got on to the Internet again and saw Margaret Stansfield (nee Dawson)'s letter. I was born and brought up in Mytholmroyd. I don't seem to be on the photograph of the infants class at Burnley Road, but I do have another one taken round about the same time of a group of Miss Livermore's class in cots on the playground, will send it to the web site sometime. I remember Margaret very well. We shared a room at the Schloss Hotel in Wilderswil in 1949, when the 5th form at Hebden Bridge Grammar went to Switzerland.

We get back to Hebden Bridge almost every year, my sister Barbara lives there.

My mother was Mary (nee Appleyard) and she was a sewing machinist at Pullmans and then Redmans and my father had a boot and shoe repairer's shop near Caldene Bridge, he was a mainstay of Mytholmroyd Cricket Club.

From : Jo Westhead
Town: Blackpool
Country: Lancashire
15th April, 2005

I have recently visted your lovely area just before the snow in February. I have never been before but my Mum remembered a friend she made many years ago from the Nest Estate area called Denise Cherry. I wandered if anyone knew this lady as I would like to share memories of this time with her as my Mum is recently deceased.

Many thanks and keep up the great website.

From : Phill
11th March, 2005

I am hoping someone who visits this site might be able to help me.

I am tracing my family tree and I am trying to trace any relatives of a George & Gertrude ( Gertie ) Mitchell who as far as I can remember lived north of the canal in Mytholmroyd.

George was my mothers uncle, my mothers maiden name was Ann Holdway.

I seem to recall they lived in a street that was on a steep incline, they had a relative named Daryl who lived in the same street and Margaret lived in the next street.

Gertie died mid 1970's and was cremated at the local crematorium and this was the last time i visited.

I would be grateful for any information and all emails will be replied to.

My email is here Phill Longshaw

From : Eugene Robinson
Town: Llanddulas
Country: Wales
2nd ~March, 2005

Some of my ancestors, surname Nicholl, came from Mytholmroyd, Scout Bottom and Hoyle Bank being mentioned in the Halifax 1851 census.

I plan to visit the area shortly to see Scout Bottom and try to pin down Hoyle Bank. The only information I can find on Hoyle Bank is a building contractor, Craig Gee, Hoyle Bank Barn, Midgley. Is this in High House Lane? Does anyone know if there was a House or Road called Hoyle Bank.

You have quite a lot of interest from people viewing your site. I couldn't find any Meta tags in your head or is that deliberate.

Keep it rolling.

From : David Wilson
Town: Mirfield
Country: UK
10th February, 2005

I have just discovered whilst idly surfing. I attended Burnley Road Primary School in the 50s and 60s and Calder High School up to 6th form in 1967. I was a member of 11th Calder Valley St Michael's Boy Scouts and the Calder Valley Moorland Rescue Association (until I was thrown out for bringing the organisation into disrepute by being rescued!!). I lived at West End Terrace near the Post Office.

I would love to hear from people who knew me.

David Wilson

From : Mick Culpan
Town: Sydney
Country: Australia
10th February, 2005

I am originally from Leeds & I understand my family name originated in Mytholmroyd in 1307 when one John Culpon gave 12 pence for licence to take 1/2 acre of land from Ingelgard of Midgley who had taken it from waste - he is permitted to hold the land to himself & his heirs on condition of doing services for the Lord. The name Culpon stems from the French, being the same root as the word "coupon" - a piece cut off, as the land was "cut off from the waste" If anyone has knowledge or information relating to the origins of "Culpans" in Mytholmroyd, I would be pleased to know about it.

All responses will be answered.

Mick Culpan

From : Peter Crossland
Town: Cambridge
Country: UK
4th February, 2005

Only just found this site after many years tracing my ancestors, 4 of which are buried in St Michael's. My grandfather was Joah Crossland who lived in Caldene Av. My father was Morris Crossland played hockey and cricket for the village in the early 20's before marrying Elsie Sowden from Hebden Bridge and moving to Leeds where I was born.

I loved to walk along the canal bank fron HB to visit Joah (before WW2) when visiing relatives. If anybody remembers any of the above names delighted to hear from you.

Last thought has anybody a good picture of St Michael's I want to put one on the front of my family history (afraid that at my age etc. I cannot travel) I shall look forward to visiting the site again and again to remind me of many happy days. Keep up the good work.

Peter Crossland

From : Margaret Stansfield (nee Dawson)
Town: Cheltenham, Victoria
Country: Australia
22nd January, 2005

Thanks to an Ozzie friend I discovered your site just before Christmas and thought I could answer one or two of the queries in the "guestbook". What a laugh though when I went into "old photos" and came up with Max Sunderland's photo of Burnley Road School 1939. There's me and my cousin dead centre at age 5/6, alongside Madeline Kennedy, Stella Moss and many others I can't recall the names.

However, to answers:- "Ruth re Sunny Bank" Phylis Dawson was my auntie but I can't remember what her number was. Another aunt and uncle, Irene and Harry Clark lived about the third house up from Midgley Road, and Auntie Irene was there during the war and until the prefabs were built on Banksfield Estate. Another aunt and uncle were Edith and George Hancock who lived in about the third house down from the mill chimney (if it's still there), but I can't remember what years they were there.

Someone else wanted to know about Calder High School. Well, this was built during 1939. I know because at the time I was living at 15, East Parade (where I was born and lived until 1945). When war was imminent the spaces for windows were bricked up and the whole place was used for the storage of food. My father who was driving for Gilbert Moss Haulage at the time ferried huge tins of corned beef, fruit, etc., presumably from the docks to store in the school. The first pupils were the Sixth Form from Hebden Bridge Grammar in the latter half of 1949. I personally did not attend Calder High as I left after School Cert in July 1949.

Looking forward to many more happy times with


From : Claire Sharp
Town: Stansted, Essex
Country: UK
14th January, 2005

Have just stumbled across your site and thought I'd drop a line to see if anyone remembers me/my family and would like to get in touch. I am the youngest daughter of Alec & Mary Sharp and lived at Five Hills, Brier Hey Lane from my birth in 1961 to 1974 before moving to the Midlands. My sisters (Catherine, Adrienne & Helen) and I attended Burnley Road & Calder High Schools. My dad who sadly died in August 2004, aged 82 yrs and a grandfather of 8, had the plumber's shop Robert Thomas. My mother Mary, is now 80yrs, looking fantastic and is as fit as a fiddle. All her daughters hope we have her genes. Mum & dad were a real 'Mytholmroyd family' and it was quite a wrench for them when we moved. Do drop me a line - my own special friends at school if I remember, were Debbie Sumner, Susan Smith, Jennifer Thomas & Carol Short.

Claire Sharp

From : Diane
Town: Melbourne
Country: Australia
3rd January, 2005

Hi, my family is starting to look at our family tree. My mother's ancestor was a James Lord who was transported to Tasmania in 1804 from Mytholmroyd. I was wondering if currently there were many individuals with the name Lord living in Mytholmroyd.


From : Barrie Lord
Town: Sydney
Country: Australia
16th December, 2004

Merry Christmas to all in the Valley. I shall be working for 5 weeks on the P ships out of Sydney up the South Pacific, but I would rather be having a 'pint' at the Albert and going to the Coop Hall dance Christmas Eve (thats the old days). George Tolley in the cloak room! Who remembers those days? All the best from 'OZ'.

Barrie and Sybil Lord.

From : Derek Blackham
Town: West Allis, Milwaukee
Country: United States
14th December, 2004

Just a line to everyone back in Mytholmroyd. I lived there with my wife Donna, for ten years after I joined Fax as Commercial manager. We lived in the old co-op building across from St. Michaels. I noticed it in the Pace Egg photograph you showed of this years performance. It was a great place to live and we made many many friends. People such as Father John Gott, Tony and Tina Beard, David and Patricia McMahon, Leo and Norma Edwards and others. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

Finally if anyone knows Iris who ran the fish and chip shop, would you please pass on our best wishes as I understand her husband Dougie died earlier this year.

Good luck to everyone over there who remembers us and I hope it won't be too long before we are back in Mytholmroyd.

Derek Blackham

From : A.James
Monday 1st November, 2004

I saw with interest your photo on the net of the foundry (see old photos section of Mytholmroyd website). It was owned by my greatgrandfather Thomas Henry Pickles. I have only just started researching my family history but his daughter married a Henry William Greenwood who had a clothes shop in Hebden Bridge.(22 Market Street). They were strong Baptists and went to Birchcliffe Baptist Church.

The advert for these works appears in several Almanacs and directories. I will email when I find the latest date. I believe several of his sons worked here and some of the relations should still be I believe in Hebden Bridge.

One of his sons George Herbert was called back from Ireland to help in the foundry but that was pre 1900 as he was killed in the Boer War. (see Hebden bridge Town Hall Plaque).

Look forward to hearing from you if you have gleaned information from elsewhere.

A James (Greenwood)

From : Robert Batty
Town: Halifax
Country: UK
Thursday 28th October, 2004

Hey, I was looking at your gala pictures and noticed that your proccession was led by a brass band, I just wondered if you had ever thought of a marching band?

I know brass bands can provide a much wider range of music with more depths, but a marching band can't be beaten (in my eyes) to lead a proccession

Just an idea.

If your interested I'm from the Halifax BBGB band, get in touch and I'll pass it on to the bandmaster.

Our web site is


From : John Beacroft-Mitchell
Town: Mytholmroyd
Country: UK
Thursday 28th October, 2004

The cricket pitch and playground at Scout Road Mytholmroyd is now in the process of being bought by the Scout Road Community Group.

The Mytholmroyd Methodist Church, on Friday, accepted the group's bid for the land which is being funded by a combination of grantfunding and loans taken on by local residents.

I would like to congratulate the community and the church in coming to an agreement which will safeguard the land from unwanted development for generations to come.

I know full press releases from the church and group are in the pipeline.


Cllr. John Beacroft-Mitchell (Cragg Vale Ward - Hebden Royd Town Council)

From : Fay Fielding
Town: Mytholmroyd
Country: UK
Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

I am still the District Correspondent for this area for the Halifax Courier. I report on past events and also give details of forthcoming events to the Courier for their Friday diary. It's all free so why not keep me informed about what your organisation is doing ? Many people already do this . Telephone 01422 882258

From : Nigel Lloyd
Town: Mytholmroyd
Country: God's own
Tuesday, October 5th, 2004

I would like to wish Mytholmroyd Meths Cricket Club good luck in it's present predicament. First the news of the chapel wanting to sell off the land and now the pavillion fire, what terrible luck. Please keep us informed as to what is going on in the fight, as being a former resident of Scout Road and still being a Royder (now at Banksfield Estate) I would like to help if that is what is needed.

From : David Hargreaves
Town: Rotherham
Country: UK
Thursday, September 30th, 2004

We are looking to move into Mytholmroyd / Hebden Bridge sometime next year and we have been looking at houses for some time. One difficulty is that we have been used to having an allotment and note that they are not much in evidence in the area. I came and looked for the one in Mytholmroyd but failed to find it.

Is there an historical reason why there are few allotments, and is there any campaign to make land available?

From : Peter Mitchell
Town: Devon
Country: UK
Friday, September 17th 2004

Hi, My name is Peter Mitchell, I was born in HB and lived there and Cragg Vale for 34 years before moving here to North Devon, just recently I attended a folk singing session, one of the song was about an accident in Mytholmroyd with a muck spreader. In the back of my mind I can vaguely remember this happening, I would have then been in my late teens early twenties therefore the year would be about 1970 ish. I can picture the old tractor and even driver. I think he lived up Cragg Vale but can't remember much more, so, having stirred the old memory I would like to find out a bit more about what happened, could you help at all?

Many thanks.

From : Howard Nicholson
Town: Rochdale
Country: UK
Monday, September 13th 2004

I used to live in Mytholmroyd (actually i was born on Birchenlee Close) between 1970 to 1984. I went to Burnley Road School from 1975 to 1982 and then on to Calder High. I just wondered does anyone remember me? Or does anyone know the whereabouts of Daniel Barwell who used to live on Banksfield Avenue? Cheers

From : Gordon Clarke
Town: Taree, NSW
Country: Australia
Tuesday, July 27th 2004

Loved the site. Enjoyed some of the old photos and the info is good. I was born at Lower Cragg Farm, Cragg Vale. My Father worked as a porter after the war when Mytholmroyd Railway Station was at it's peak. My sisters attended Cragg Vale School but my brother and I attended Scout Road School. I have some old photos of the station and some of Cragg Vale. Will scan and pass them on shortly. Keep up the good work.

From : Joanna Allanson
Town: Velez Rubio
Country: Spain
Thursday July 15th, 2004

I'm 16 and used to live in Mytholomroyd. I realy like looking on this web site to see all my mates and what's going on in my old town.

From : Frank and Coral(nee Ashton) Roberts
Town: Darwin
Country: Australia
Saturday, May 15, 2004

We moved from Hebden Bridge to Ashton Road in 1953 and lived there with our 5 chidren until 1958 when we moved to Halifax and Brighouse before emigrating to Australia in 1963. I used to work at Marshalls Engineers. Coral worked in Grace's shop and then for Doug and Alice Waite. If anyone remembers us we would love to hear from them.

From : David Norrish
Town: East Kilbride
Country: Scotland
14th April, 2004

Brilliant website, which brought back so many memories of my childhood and youth in Mytholmroyd in the 50's and 60's. Keep up the good work.

From : Graeme Stewart
Town: Dalbeattie
Country: Scotland
8th March, 2004

Pleased to see you. I lived in Mytholmroyd for about 8 months in about 1977, up on a lonely hilltop named Brinktop!

I am trying to find out more about one of Mytholmroyds previous school students. A one Patrick Stewart. Yes, the classical Shakespearean and Star-Trek actor allegedly did start his drama classes in lowly Mytholmroyd.

But can this be verified? He was a Yorkshire man of course. Does anyone have inside knowledge into this little known piece of Biographical information? I'm sure I heard the story from the actor's own mouth but just once.

If it's true then there must be some local person, well up on all the history of the town who can enlighten me more! Hope to hear, sooner rather than later.


From : John B Saville
Town: Mytholmroyd
5th March, 2004

Dear friends

The Upper Calder Methodist Circuit

Our next MusicMessageMinistry alternative worship is this Sunday 7th March at 6.30pm at the Hebden Bridge Methodist Church. Unlike most worship these days its come in good time for a seat!

We shall be having good modern church music, dramatic readings, 'contact with God's phone exchange' and much more. Our special speaker will be Rev Peter Whittaker, the Chairman of the West Yorkshire District of the Methodist Church, and the theme of the evening The Who? The What? & The How?

Everyone is promised a real good evening with refreshments to follow.

With grateful thanks.

John B Saville

Birchcliffe Road Hebden Bridge HX7 8DB
Contact for Mytholmroyd Methodist Church, Hebden bridge MC Old Town MC Heptonstall MC and Luddendenfoot URC

From : Eike Schulze
Town: Neustrelitz
Country: Germany
22nd February, 2004

I stayed in Mytholmroyd for a few days in 1992 and enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, I have lost touch with a very good friend there, whose name is Mary Morrison.

Can anyone help me find her? Thank you very much in advance.

From : Tiffany Haigh
Town: Rocky Ford
Country: United States of America
1st January, 2004

I have just gotten back from visiting Mytholmroyd, and I very much enjoyed the scenery, very beautiful hillsides and valleys. I've walked Cragg Road. I hope to visit there again soon!!!

"Cheers" From America

From : Christine Bampton-Smith
Town: Mytholmroyd
Country: UK
24th January, 2004

Your local Luddendenfoot Councillors, Christine Bampton-Smith, Jane Brown and Peter Coles, wish everyone a Happy New Year. Please remember we are here to help with any issues of concern, so do get in touch with us if you need help or advice.

From : Terry Brown
Town: Cleethorpes
Country: UK
29th December, 2003

My brother lives in the locality and has a print by the artist Clive Stewart Dixon which he obtained locally can anyone tell me if this is a local artist past or present??

From : M.Martin
Town: Hebden Bridge
Country: West Yorkshire
15th November 2003

"Calder High School, Mytholmroyd Opened January 1950 as an experiment in secondary education. The school was the first comprehensive school in the West Riding, taking all children from the age of 11, without the 11-plus examination. In August 1986, arsonists caused damage estimated at 125,000."

info from

From Margaret Whittaker
Town: Perth
Country: Western Australia
13th November 2003

Could anyone please tell me the year Calder High School was built and the year it had its first intake of pupils? Thanks.

From Peter Crossland
Town: Cambridge
Country: England
10th November 2003

Looking back I noticed a reference to the rec. I have just received my g/f's obituary from the Hebden Bridge times c.1950,in it he is mentioned as being Chairman of the Council and largely responsible for the purchase of the rec in 1921.


From Pam
Town: Gympie
Country: Australia

I enjoy visiting the Mytholmroyd site, and remembering my visits there. If anyone knows my treasured Aunt and Uncle, Alan and Mary Jackson of White Lea Gardens, please give them a big hug from me.

From Don Clark
Town: Canberra
Country: Australia

My 211 Squadron RAF site has a page of the reminiscences of Don Lomas as a Far East PoW.

You'll find the site here: 211 Squadron RAF www.members.aardvark

and Don's story here: www.members.aardvark

From Ruth
Town: Mytholmroyd

I recently purchased an overdwelling at Sunny Bank, just off Midgley Road, Mytholmroyd. I'm fascinated with the history of the building as it's over 200 years old, and am trying to piece together information relating to it.

I'd also be very grateful to anyone who could give me any information on any of the following people who at some time or other have bought or rented a house there. Many thanks!

1864 - Ely Walker, Thomas Outram, John Murgatroyd, Henry William Walker, and Joseph Mitchell

1883 - John Hargreaves (vendor) and John Wadsworth (purchaser)

1893 - James Wadsworth and Walker Wadsworth (vendors) and Samuel Robertshaw (purchaser)

1907 - Arthur Gibson Robertshaw (died approx 1945)

1926 - Halifax Printing Company Limited

1927 - Ernest James Titterington

1930 - James Edwin Whitham, Ernest James Titterington, and Stanley Richard Crapnell.

1952 - Louisa Robertshaw, Earnest Greenwood, Alice Greenwood

1970 - William Crook Greenwood and Mary Ellen Greenwood who lived on the Southerly side (Sunny Bank itself?) by Sunny Bank Road

Mrs. Parker and Phyllis Dawson who possibly lived at nos. 26 and 34?

Every bit of info gratefully accepted. Many thanks!

From Trish Norgaard (Pat Ogley)
Town: Kamloops, BC
Country: Canada
29th August, 2003

Thrilled to have found the site...Used to live in Mytholmroyd from '69 to '71. My Nanan worked at Broadbents. Went to Calder Valley Sec. Hello to anyone who remembers me. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Karen Clegg? I'd love to get in touch.

From Mark Nine
Town: Austin, Texas
Country: USA
29th August, 2003

Anybody know the Lucas's (Christine, Albert, Philip & Steve) they live on Scout Rd. Across from a candy warehouse (at least in "84 it was there). Albert & Philip used to race pidgeons & Steve is now a professional actor & was in a play about the coin clippers. Anyone know of a local band from '84 called "An Atrocity Exhibition" w/ Dean Gash, Steve Lucas, Stephanie-a lovely brunette whose name I cannot recall. Mark nine (Steve Lucas's Mate from Texas)

From Susan Harrington DeVogel
Town: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Country: USA
27th August, 2003

I spent a lovely week in Mytholmroyd in the summer of 1971 as a guest of Margaret Ollier and her parents. Margaret and I met in Bonn, Germany, after her service in a volunteer program. I believe her parents were Mr. and Mrs. Win Ollier.

I would like to say hello to Margaret but have lost touch with her. Can anybody help me locate her?

Thank you.

Susan Harrington DeVogel

From Justin Taylor
Town: Frankfurt
Country: Germany
6th August, 2003

I am trying to get back into contact with a friend of mine who lived in Hebden Bridge/Mytholmroyd in 1980 - 1983.

If anyone could put me into contact with Wendy Greenwood (she has since married - I don't know her married name) or ask Wendy to get back into contact with me, I'd be very grateful. Keyword: Hatfield Polytechnic.

Thanks in advance for your help ... you're my last hope!


From Matt Poole
Town: Wheaton, Maryland
Country: U.S.A.
3rd August, 2003

Hi to all in greater Mytholmroyd.

I have visited Mytholmroyd on 3 occasions, during my research into the downing of two RAF bombers over Rangoon on 29 Feb 1944. Your very own Donald Lomas was one of the strong and lucky who survived the fighter attack, baling out of his flaming aircraft, and horrific Japanese imprisonment. He returned in 1945 to marry local girl Joan. Together they raised Craig, Mandy, and Anita. I phoned Don recently to wish him well on the occasion of his 87th birthday. A wonderful man -- intelligent, gentle, and he plays a mean piano. The local newspaper did a story on him back in early '98. Don's mini-bio from '98 is found within this site (in the "Pegasus" crew section) here:

Nephew Geoffrey Lomas, sadly passed away in Mytholmroyd 2 or 3 years ago.

Some more info on Don's POW experiences, and a photo of a newly-liberated Don here:

I just thought you folks would like to know a little more about an unsung local hero. Cheers to all from America.

Matt Poole

From John Reeve
Town: Orlando
Country: U.S.A.
20th July, 2003


I echo John McLeod's question.

Where are our Invitations?

I know we are thousands of miles away but it would be nice not to be forgotten.

You never know, we all may be able to cross the oceans to be present at this auspicious occasion.

John Reeve

From John Edward McLeod
Town: Maroochydore
Country: Australia
21st June, 2003

Andrew Dewhurst where are our invitations?. When Ronnie Baines was alive I received one as well as Peter Murtagh in Canada and John Reeves in America. After all we were the only Luddenden Foot team to win the Doran Cup back in 1954/55

See photo on this site.

Ps sent you an e mail but it was returned.

From Lou
Town: Mytholmroyd
Country: UK
7th May 2003

Sorry Roy, but you are mistaken - Mr Woodhead's son was most definitely David, not Derek. To my knowledge, he had only one son (who my husband had worked with) and one daughter called Jennifer (who was in my year at school), and David and his wife ran the shop after Mr Woodhead handed over the reins. Not sure if they took it over after Mr Woodhead retired, or whether he had died, but the son was David Woodhead, not Derek.

From Roy Stockdill
Town: Watford
Country: UK
5th May 2003

I saw the two messages re the Royal Oak and the shop run by the Woodheads. Has Diana not seen my feature on this website, "Memories of Mytholmroyd"? There is lots about the "Oak" in that article, about when I lived there in the 1950s and my parents were the landlords.

I remember the Woodheads. They used to have lunches from our pub when my mother did catering. Their son Derek - not David - was a good friend of mine when we were lads. Lots of us played football on White Lea rec and changed in the Royal Oak stables. I remember the shop was a grocer's and general store - perhaps it was an off-licence, too, I don't quite recall. Just a bit further down the road on the same side was a gents' hairdressers run by a chap who was a bit of a "spivvy" type but very popular in the village. He did the Tony Curtis haircuts that were all the rage with we lads in the 1950s!

I bet my old mate Ken Taylor (who keeps a cafe in Hebden Bridge, hope to see you again before long, Ken) even remembers his name. Chris something???

From Lou
Town: Mytholmroyd
Country: UK
29th May 2003

You are correct in thinking that your house used to be a shop - it was an off-licence type shop run by a chap called Woodhead, later run by his son David Woodhead. The earliest I remember it being there was in the 1960's, and I believe it ceased to be a shop around the 1980's.

As you look at the building, the shop was on the right hand side with the living accommodation on the left, and a connecting door between the two.

Regarding the history of the Royal Oak and the cottages, perhaps if you were to contact Roy Stockdill, who has left a couple of messages on the Guestbook previously, he may be able to help. He states he has been doing some research on the buildings.

From Diana Evans
Town: Mytholmroyd
Country: UK
12th May 2003

I am trying to find out some history about Mytholmroyd generally, but in particular my house on Burnley Road (30-32) and the whole row, including the Royal Oak stable building. Despite hours surfing the net, I haven't really got anywhere. I understand it used to be a shop. If anyone can help with any links, ideas or any information at all, I'd really appreciate it.


From Sara Qualter
Town: Sherburn-in-Elmet
Country: UK
11th April 2003


I am told that there is a wonderful 'Antiques' fair held on the first Sunday of the month at the Mytholmroyd Community Centre. We would be most interested in visiting and exhibiting if that is at all possible. I understand that the fair is run by Elliot's Fairs. Any advice re a contact would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.

Many many thanks

Best wishes

The Glass House Antiques
07970 883364

From Sandra Gordon (nee Alcock)
Town: Maghull,Merseyside
Country: UK
4th April 2003

I was born in Halifax General Hospital, in December 1952, and lived in Cragg Vale, Mytholmroyd - unfortunately only until I was 2 years of age. From then until today I have lived on Merseyside.

My Grandparents used to be the licencees of the Robin Hood Inn and also the Hinchcliffe Arms. They also before that had a farm called Swan Bank Farm (to the best of my knowledge).

My gran and grandad are buried in the St. John in the Wilderness Church in Cragg and I would dearly love to hear from anyone who knew of my grandparents or has any recollections of times in the Robin Hood.

I also have a curious wish to find out if my mum and my uncles' (on my fathers side) initials are still in the St. John in the Wilderness's belfry.

I am also curious about Bakers farm, where I believe one brother killed another. I spent many a summer there on their farm shifting hay, (I presume this is what is called hay making ha ha ) but to this day I still feel as if it's home. I may live on Merseyside but Cragg will always be my home.

Comments please would be so much appreciated.

A Cragg resident in eternal exile. xxxxxxxx

From Steve
Town: Halifax
Country: England
3rd March 2003

I lived in the flat above the Post Office for about a year. Although I had a short stay in Mytholmroyd I really liked the place, if not a bit too quiet for a city boy like me.

I now live in Halifax but am still fascinated by the history of Mytholmroyd. I am particularly interested in the history of the Post Office. I always presumed it to be a fairly modern building but was suprised to see what looked like the same building on a photo from the 1920s.

If anyone has any info or photos of the post office I would love to hear from you.

Thanks, Steve.

From Andrew Dewhirst
Town: Luddenden Foot, West Yorkshire
Country: England
28th February 2003

On the weekend of October 11/12 2003 the 3rd (HX) Luddenden Foot Company of the Boys Brigade will be holding their Centenary Celebrations at Mytholmroyd Community Centre. If you have been, or know of anyone who is, an ex member and you have not been contacted please e-mail me Andrew Dewhirst for an invitation

From John Richard Taylor
Town: Halifax
Country: England
24th February, 2003

Hi Roy,

It's John Taylor, your chum's son Kenneth Taylor. This site you have made is brilliant. it is interesting to read about the childhood of my dad and his friends. My dad has also seen it and really likes the pics. He wasn't able to send you a message Roy as technology has changed and he hasn't sadly. To put it firmly he doesn't have a clue with computers.

Anyway he said to say "hello mate" and looks forward to meeting back up with you in the near future!

Bye from me and me dad (well done the sites great)

From Paul Jackson
Town: Yeadon
Country: England
19th February 2003

Looked at your website after seeing a piece on TV about Cragg Vale Coiners.

Will be visiting the area late April. Keep up the good work on your website.

From Peter Crossland
Town: Cambridge
Country: England
14th January 2003

My family come from Mytholmroyd, the last one being Joah Crossland of Caldene Avenue. He is buried (Jan 1950) in St Michael's Churchyard with numerous other Crosslands.

As a boy I used to love walking along the cut from my mother's family in Hebden Bridge to get 10 shillings at g'dads. My father (Morris Crossland) played hockey for the village in the 20's and left for Leeds in the late 20's.

We used to visit every 2 or 3 weeks until the Second WW. I loved, and still do, the village. Keep up the good work.

Happy New year everybody


From Pam Henderson
Town: Barnsley
Country: England
7th January 2003
See previous message also

My paternal ggrand mother already had 2 sons when she married James Leist, sometime in the 1860's. In the 1871 census she is recorded as living with her husband both aged 39.

The 1891 census records 2 more sons, Sawdon, b 1872 and Samuel, b 1867 but no mention of William there. He only came to light when another person, who is related to us, was researching their family history and my father wrote her a letter, that she returned to me some years later, relating to his his mother writing to his step uncles after his fathers death in 1910. Part of the letter reads, "She also used to write to a Mr William Leist Gamekeeper Mytholmroyd which she said was Uncle Billy.--- I remember Uncle Billy for he used to send clothes for me as it was a hard struggle for Mother to bring me up at that time of day".

By piecing some research results together I have reason to assume that James Leist had 2 sons from a previous marrige and when he died, sometime after the 1891 census, his eldest Leist son from his first marriage inherited and the other Leist son, William, and her youngest son, Henry Goodswen, left Norfolk.

I have searched numerous records with no results and almost gave up the search, finding the Mytholmroyd web site was a real suprise. If it is that there are no actual records of William Leist in Mytholmroyd is it possible to say where and who he may have been Gamekeeper to?

In anticipation,

From Pam Henderson
Town: Barnsley
Country: England
7th January 2003

I was about to give up my search for Mytholmroyd when I discovered your wonderful web site. I have really enjoyed a tour around it.

While researching my family's history I have dicovered that my paternal grandmother - Sarah Goodswen, often wrote to her step brother-in-law, William Leist - born in Norfolk around 1864, who lived in Mytholmroyd during the early 1900's as a Gamekeeper.

She was a widow at that time and William sent clothes for her son, my father, as she did not have much money for them to live on.

Please, does anyone have any information about him or, if any, his family.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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