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The Web Directory will be a list of web addresses of people and organisations who live, work or have some other connection with Mytholmroyd. Links will be added at our discretion. We wish the directories to be useful, efficient and effective and will not include sites which offend or are discriminatory. The revenue received from directory entries is used to maintain and improve the Mytholmroyd Net.

The charge for basic entries is 15 per year.

If you would like us to include a Listing, describing your site, the service you offer or the products you supply, the charge is twenty pounds a year.

Enhanced Listings at 25 per year.

See below for examples of the basic entry, followed by examples of a simple listing and an enhanced listing.

Examples of links
Basic Entry: 15

  • Mytholmroyd Net

  • Listing: 20
    • F J Robinson - AppleMac with QuarkXpress for typesetting and design and a PC emulator for PC and cross-platform work - Mac to PC, OCR scanning available, keying-in and transcription work for artists, designers and printers, CVs, Internet research. Tel 01422 88 3143

    Enhanced Listing: 25

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